Movie Review: The Invention of Lying

24 01 2010

Bravo! This blatant truth-telling society is intoduced to Mark, who invents lying. He invents the afterlife in an obvious satire on Christianity and the Right-Wing.

I give this a 10/10!

Movie Review: District 9

9 01 2010

My main problem with this movie was its general loss in establishing a clearly serious or humourous perspective from it, and it could be quite stupid in some places. It does however have some political messages and comedies hidden.

Good idea, had some funny points, though i wouldnt recommend it.

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

8 01 2010

Great Movie. I especially congradulate the whole thought out story and logical plot to be expected from Bruckheimer.

Id rate this 9.5/10 , and recommend this to anyone who wants to watch Sherlock Holmes in action.

Movie Review: Avatar

8 01 2010

Excellent. The whole morale and its application into the effects of militarism over science nature and diplomacy is very nice and real.Also brings good critisism to many things.

Though the US Military really could have chosen a better movie to place pre-movie advertisments.

Id recommend the 3D of this to anyone.

Movie/Series Review: True Blood Series

8 01 2010

Prepare for Twilight in the Heart of The South.Quite intresting. All characters living in the south, and the accepting of “Vampire-Americans” into society. One mother is even an addicted druggie, who repetitvely proclaims that demons posses her to take the drugs, and she needs a loan to perform an exorcism, as she is broke.

And it brings in alot of the whole Southern ordeal between Tradition,Bigorty and Change. Also prepare for about four curse words a minute.