Personal Views: Terror and Torture

18 01 2010

The attacks of 9/11 were criminal acts committed by legal immigrants inspired by hatred from radical groups origionating in the middle eastern area.

It was not a declaration of war, and if it was, on whom?

The Military went into the Middle Eastern area with other allies to weed out the group’s foundations as foreign criminals , not as any declaration of war.

Torture is a criminal act. The act of a person holding another captive and torturing them is a crime by most legal standards, and it is the same (or should be) within intelligence agencies or other government and military groups. They are not above the law. The Constitution clearly defines this. Anyone found to act out torture on any human being should be arrested.

. The Bill of Rights also defines torture going against the fifth amendment.

Avatar: Un-American?

9 01 2010

What a suprise: Any slight critisism of the military and capitalism, and some of the Right-Wing cant stand not to bash the hell out of it and call it unamerican.

Jim Cameron has already made the point that its “pro-environment”, or is that something these Conservatives cant get their mind around?

Besides, those “American Values” that they so strongly advocate ought to include freedom of speech? Or only if you arent critisizing the Almighty Values of The Land Of The Free?

Fascism, Here we come!

No Silver Bullet: Obama’s Report on Christmas Attacks

8 01 2010

Today, Barack Obama delievered a speech to the American public about the reports compiled by his administration (Homeland Security and others). In his speech, he mentions several times that our nation’s greatest defense in our current state is intelligence- And the errors of the system were “connecting the dots”.

He also came out with plans to fix the errors, such as a policy of pursuing all leads, a wider distribution of intellignce and a reform of criteria for Watchlists.

Going through the fact of the limited screenings in Amsterdam, the President called for Full Body Scanners and a whole line of new technology in development to be invested in and used as soon as possible.

His final statement was that we are at war, and while most followers of islam are not supporters of terrorism, He strongly urges the US to send a message that support of Terrorism leads to nothing, while the ideals of the US are in justice. He also added that his priority in the security mess at airports was to protect liberty and privacy, while maintaining needed security reform.