We are The World Remake appears during Olympics

13 02 2010

The Remake of “We are the World” premiers, starting with Justin Bieber an including audio from Michael Jackson and many other popular modern artists.

Church Group arrested for Child Traffiking in Haiti

1 02 2010

A Church Orphanage operating in Haiti finds itself in legal trouble over the claimed illegal border crossing of children over the Haitian border to the Dominican Republic, following Haiti’s stricter adoption laws. It seems however, that not all of the children are even orphans. While the orphanage administration claims to have signed authorization, no papers of such were presented at the border, and the fact that some children are not orphans and have live parents leaves doubts to the authenticity of the orphanage’s story.

Pat Robertson: “Haiti Cursed by Pact with Devil

16 01 2010


Yep, Pat Robertson, who always has some comment to make about Christianity that usually includes crossing the line- oh, and asks for money.

This time, hes attacking Haiti, claiming that they sold their souls to the devil to defeat the French, and that they have been cursed.

Seriously, what a bigoted hypocrite. He attacks a revered Catholic and Christian nation as being “demonic”.

Apparently, the Slaves couldn’t defeat the French to him, so they must have made a pact with the devil to defeat them!

After all, what colony could EVER defeat a large colonizing European empire? Never happened!

7.0 Earthquake Slams Haiti

12 01 2010

With The epicenter of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake lying just 15 Miles SW of the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, the nation of Haiti is being slammed by the earthquake and its aftershocks, which range from magnitudes 6.0 to 5.0.

Details on this event still remain broken as the earthquake damaged much of Haiti’s communication and electrical lines, reports say.

The Haitian ambassador to the US has also reportedly sought aid from the US due to this event.