Illegal Immigration: Seriously, Stop the Bigotry.

17 01 2010

Are some so blinded and brainwashed into nationalism that Immigrants are ruining america? That we forget their status as humans and simply cast them out as criminals?

Give them some decency. Offer them citizenship instead of ripping their desperate families up and deporting them.

Avatar: Un-American?

9 01 2010

What a suprise: Any slight critisism of the military and capitalism, and some of the Right-Wing cant stand not to bash the hell out of it and call it unamerican.

Jim Cameron has already made the point that its “pro-environment”, or is that something these Conservatives cant get their mind around?

Besides, those “American Values” that they so strongly advocate ought to include freedom of speech? Or only if you arent critisizing the Almighty Values of The Land Of The Free?

Fascism, Here we come!