Illegal Immigration: Seriously, Stop the Bigotry.

17 01 2010

Are some so blinded and brainwashed into nationalism that Immigrants are ruining america? That we forget their status as humans and simply cast them out as criminals?

Give them some decency. Offer them citizenship instead of ripping their desperate families up and deporting them.

Pat Robertson: “Haiti Cursed by Pact with Devil

16 01 2010

Yep, Pat Robertson, who always has some comment to make about Christianity that usually includes crossing the line- oh, and asks for money.

This time, hes attacking Haiti, claiming that they sold their souls to the devil to defeat the French, and that they have been cursed.

Seriously, what a bigoted hypocrite. He attacks a revered Catholic and Christian nation as being “demonic”.

Apparently, the Slaves couldn’t defeat the French to him, so they must have made a pact with the devil to defeat them!

After all, what colony could EVER defeat a large colonizing European empire? Never happened!