Look at it through the Terrorist’s perspective.

15 02 2010

-America has a surplus of so many items, and no american to them seems to give any away.
-America has a large military, which has for a fact committed abuses repeatedly throughout history.
-Fundamentalists in America proclaim America a “Christian Nation” and Islam “The Devil”
-America has wealth and stability many countries in the Middle East do not.

See, if we begin to look at it from their perspective, we can sort of see why, and try and damn solve this not by terrorism and torture, but by trying to reach out and correct those feelings towards us.

Conservative Tea Party Gone Too Far: Applause for Return of “Literacy Tests”

9 02 2010


Rep. Tom Tancredo speaks in front of the Tea Party Convention in support of returning to the Literacy Tests at Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

The Tea Party gone too far? Do Republicans supporting the Tea Party (Yep, like Sarah Palin) support the return of Literacy Tests that were used in the south to prevent African-Americans from voting? That the Voting Rights Act condemned? That goes against our Constitution?

Perhaps they should get their brains out of the Declaration of Independence and into our real founding document.

When a Republican was asked for a response in this question:

What do you think the message is when you’re saying Obama voters cannot pass a basic, civics literacy test?

He gave this response:

Well,… You know…. Tom Tancredo gave a fantastic speech last night. I think hes an amazing politician.