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Are You A Secular Progressive or a Traditionalist?

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Are You A Secular Progressive or a Traditionalist?
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-Why is it the Government’s place to tell consenting partners when they can and cant have sex? Or marry or have a civil union for tht matter?

-Abstinence is simply a program that is teaching that sexual actions are “wrong” before marriage. Is this even right? No. It blocks the whole NATURAL “experimentation” times.

-It is pointless to charge consenting teenagers who have sex as sex offenders. How about rape suspects?

-Sexual things are NOT Sinful!

-Spanking? Seriously? Do you hit your boss or spouse on the hiny when your angry at them? Or is that “different”?

-Abortion is a woman’s choice. She is supporting the baby.

-Curfews are like oppressing a certain group for what a few do.Is that right? And why is this freaking only for teens, anyway?

-Kids have rights. Teens have rights. Stop looking at our damn stereotypes.

-No, Christian Morals dont need to be thrown at everyone.

-The Ten Commandements are religious. Keep them out of government property.

(Yep, and pretty much a liberal view here…..)

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17 01 2010

-Abstinence : Is the only surefire protection against STD’s. Before you say ‘condom’ remember that the condom only protects against a few STD’s. Many like Syphillis, Herpes and HPV are contracted by skin contact with or without a condom. Giving young people a cautious feeling, making them think, is a positive step towards healthy sexual relationships. Abstinence education is to make young people THINK CAUTIOUSLY about the dangers inherent today when it comes to sexual intercourse. (No one is actually going to abstain from sex forever and no one seriously teaches that.)

-Government gives benefits to married couples which are supposed to be, in theory, paid back by their children. So, if so much dollars are given in tax breaks to family 1 – 2 children will have another family and create a profit for the Government coffers.

The taxes are paid of course by everyone regardless of orientation however homosexuals do not usually have children. I believe that if they adopt children that they should be allowed the same benefits as a hetero couple however. To be completely honest though I don’t think Government should be involved in marriage at all, at all.

-Abortion : It is also a matter of State, her socioeconomic status – how many people there already are, how much national debt exists, how many more soldiers the army will need in 20 or so years etc.

I believe that if women have the right to choose, men should have that same choice. Some women agree with this, I see them as true fighters for equal rights. Because as it is only women have control of their reproductive functions, men, men have no choice once the sex is over. (The female also has a choice before sexual relations -She can say no.)

-Curfews – I had no idea you were so young, curfews will make sense as you age.

-Rights : Children and Teens only have ‘basic’ rights – Unless you are old enough to pay taxes or fight in the army, you have no responsibilities and therefore less rights.
Rights are not these free things just given. You must take on a lot of responsibility as well.. Property taxes, Income taxes, possibility of being drafted by the army etc.

-The Ten Commandments – Thou Shalt not Murder, Thou Shalt Not Steal etc – They are common sense which all states use in their civic laws. —Some of them are very religious though.

P.S Government has no property … It’s public property.

17 01 2010

Abstinence- There are alternatives to this “No Sex before Marriage” thing. It teaches people that young people shouldnt have sexual relations until they are married, which does go against the natural feelings of them. How about “Dont have sex with some random person on the street” or “Dont have sex until you are ready”. Marriage doesnt have to be the sole provider of union.

Abortion- Yes, i agree with equal choice, but you have to consider that the woman is carrying the fetus, and is provoding for it. Its ultimately her choice.

Rights- Yes, but the treatment of teenage youth as inferior to adults is just wrong. Im saying they should be avalible to ALL constitutional rights. Youth should be allowed to speak their mind and be allowed to speak with equal treatment like an adult was speaking.

17 01 2010

Curfews- What sense is there in oppressing an age group for a few member’s criminal actions? None.

Abortion (cont.)- Yes, but you forget rape victims.

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