Look at it through the Terrorist’s perspective.

15 02 2010

-America has a surplus of so many items, and no american to them seems to give any away.
-America has a large military, which has for a fact committed abuses repeatedly throughout history.
-Fundamentalists in America proclaim America a “Christian Nation” and Islam “The Devil”
-America has wealth and stability many countries in the Middle East do not.

See, if we begin to look at it from their perspective, we can sort of see why, and try and damn solve this not by terrorism and torture, but by trying to reach out and correct those feelings towards us.

We are The World Remake appears during Olympics

13 02 2010

The Remake of “We are the World” premiers, starting with Justin Bieber an including audio from Michael Jackson and many other popular modern artists.

Check “Vancouver Winter Olympics” page for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Updates

13 02 2010


Im going to be routinely updating this page to include news/ scores of the Winter Olympics.

All 50 States Recieve Snow

12 02 2010

A Weird occurance: All 50 states have recieved snow, with Texas recieving it yesterday. This even includes Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama from the storm’s southern streak.

Sarah Palin haz all the answers on her palm.

9 02 2010

I thought she was a little old to be cheating by writing notes on her hand. Sheesh, “Energy, Budget cuts (with “budget” crossed out), Tax, Lift American Spirits.” Cant any well spoken politician remember that off their own memory?


This was all, of course, after she bashed Obama for using a teleprompter.

Church Group arrested for Child Traffiking in Haiti

1 02 2010

A Church Orphanage operating in Haiti finds itself in legal trouble over the claimed illegal border crossing of children over the Haitian border to the Dominican Republic, following Haiti’s stricter adoption laws. It seems however, that not all of the children are even orphans. While the orphanage administration claims to have signed authorization, no papers of such were presented at the border, and the fact that some children are not orphans and have live parents leaves doubts to the authenticity of the orphanage’s story.

Movie Review: The Invention of Lying

24 01 2010

Bravo! This blatant truth-telling society is intoduced to Mark, who invents lying. He invents the afterlife in an obvious satire on Christianity and the Right-Wing.

I give this a 10/10!