Conservative Tea Party Gone Too Far: Applause for Return of “Literacy Tests”

9 02 2010

Rep. Tom Tancredo speaks in front of the Tea Party Convention in support of returning to the Literacy Tests at Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

The Tea Party gone too far? Do Republicans supporting the Tea Party (Yep, like Sarah Palin) support the return of Literacy Tests that were used in the south to prevent African-Americans from voting? That the Voting Rights Act condemned? That goes against our Constitution?

Perhaps they should get their brains out of the Declaration of Independence and into our real founding document.

When a Republican was asked for a response in this question:

What do you think the message is when you’re saying Obama voters cannot pass a basic, civics literacy test?

He gave this response:

Well,… You know…. Tom Tancredo gave a fantastic speech last night. I think hes an amazing politician.

Personal Views: Terror and Torture

18 01 2010

The attacks of 9/11 were criminal acts committed by legal immigrants inspired by hatred from radical groups origionating in the middle eastern area.

It was not a declaration of war, and if it was, on whom?

The Military went into the Middle Eastern area with other allies to weed out the group’s foundations as foreign criminals , not as any declaration of war.

Torture is a criminal act. The act of a person holding another captive and torturing them is a crime by most legal standards, and it is the same (or should be) within intelligence agencies or other government and military groups. They are not above the law. The Constitution clearly defines this. Anyone found to act out torture on any human being should be arrested.

. The Bill of Rights also defines torture going against the fifth amendment.

Personal Views: The School to Prison Pipeline

17 01 2010

I recently found this nice internet PDF. It presents a good argument for the need of an end to the irrational fear and unfair no tolerance policies of the “School to Prison Pipeline”.

Illegal Immigration: Seriously, Stop the Bigotry.

17 01 2010

Are some so blinded and brainwashed into nationalism that Immigrants are ruining america? That we forget their status as humans and simply cast them out as criminals?

Give them some decency. Offer them citizenship instead of ripping their desperate families up and deporting them.