Illegal Immigration: Seriously, Stop the Bigotry.

17 01 2010

Are some so blinded and brainwashed into nationalism that Immigrants are ruining america? That we forget their status as humans and simply cast them out as criminals?

Give them some decency. Offer them citizenship instead of ripping their desperate families up and deporting them.



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17 01 2010

Oh, please.

There is a huge difference between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration.

And it has nothing to do with race.

Even Mexico deports ILLEGAL migrants, why? – BECAUSE ILLEGAL MEANS AGAINST THE LAW.

How can you reward breaking the law?

Bigotry my ass.

17 01 2010

Im saying the whole hatred of them, the slams that these families are “ruining america” is bigotry. They are here illegally, but shouldnt they be offered citizenship to start the American Dream when they are found to be illegal, instead of ripping them up?

To some people, it is a racial thing. They equate the steryotypes of some illegal immigrants to the whole race.

20 01 2010

Nobody has a problem when they come legally, through the proper channels.
It’s a registration process, that involves payment, immunization and biometrics.

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