End Coal.

16 01 2010

-Removal of forests on mountaintops can flood communities in mountain valeys due to the lack of trees to soak up the rain water.
-Coal Mining leaves behind ponds of toxic Coal Ash and murk, which is often held back by poorly made makeshift earthen dams that leak.
-Coal Mining is distasteful and ruins the beauty of the nature around it; blasting can send rocks and dust into communities nearby.
-Coal Mining disturbs the ecosystem, and destroys habitats. Streams have to be rerouted and forests cut.
-Coal, when mined and burned, contributes greatly to Greenhouse Gas pollution.
-Clean Coal is a myth.
-Mining coal releases acids into creeks, turining them orange and killing all life in them.
-Reclamation can never recnstruct the environment that has been ruined.
-Coal Miners can suffer from inhaling coal dust by developing lung cancer; same can go for residents nearby
-Coal freaking stinks. Lost tourism dollars, maybe?

-It provides for the economy. (But is a major threat to agriculture, and other economic sources. It also costs alot in environmental fines in place which are bound to come with these cheapo coal companies)

Hmm, so lets see… 10 cons, and even the 1 pro is debunked.

So, Coal is “good” how? The Coal Companies are constantly cheating their way and ruining the lives of many and the ecosystem.




2 responses

17 01 2010

Coal is pretty bad.

I think the U.S is the only country left that uses it. It’s an ancient energy system and it pollutes far, far too much.

17 01 2010

Several countires still use it en mass. Look at China.

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